Greetings and salutations my giant ex family

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Feb 15, 2020

So my sister is doing good and is being hired into her factory job gets to Have her visitation with her 2 oldest boys.  My doctor visit at infectious disease doctor in Ann Arbor  2 hour drive she agreed with with the infectious disease doctor in Jackson  which really pisssed me off...I still get uninary tract infections. I still get low grade temperatures,  I am doing what is necessary drinking 5 through to7 32 ounces of ice water do tia chi and temperature regarding to riding the exercise bike I only go 1 miles every other day. I’m sorry I haven’t been on lately I figured no one wants to hear me whining about my my stupid health problems...I love you all and miss you all more.  I’ll try to get on here more.a and rebel is a pain but I need to keep reminding myself he’s not even 2 yet! Lol he likes following me from my comp desk to my nightstand and to my bed lol helps me so much we grow closer through time.  He is laying  next to me on the bed purring and licking me .lol