so it continues

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Jun 12, 2019

i went to the arthritis doc and he wants me to go to the infectious disease doc see what is causing my U.t.i. and why i have a cyst on my scar tissue  and all the infections i keep getting my bed sore is almost  healed thats good.. I'm still getting fevers and I'm little scared...

so an ex contacted me and told me he has an std i got checked out and I'm clean.  he want to come visit me and he is autistic and he had his dad break up with me for him.  I told him we did not part as friends.  i tried to stay his friend but his dad said he'd call the cops on me if i ever came back... so it's been 11 years.... i told him i don't want to see him and he was iike you need to think about this...and asked if i can just let this go... i didn't answer him and he continued to text me saying he was sorry about the past.  then he starts calling me and i finally text him and said you will stop calling me and texting me or ill report you to the authorities fore harassment. i had a dream where i texted him and told him i was clean.  but the dream is as far as I'm willing to go.  he never knew how to love.  he just used and used  and used me .  lol i believe I'm too guarded to even let anyone in my home. let alone trust. all my exes were predators thats all thats in hillsdale lol.  never again.  thats what bob is for.