Blog Post created by jconfusion on May 22, 2019

I've been sick i had stop my methotrexate i got cyst where my scar tissue from my tummy tuck five or ex years ago and i got a sinus infection.  i also have a very deep bed sore i have wound nurses messuring and putting a duo derm bandaid on it its still looks really bad and i have a lot of  anti yeast pills for a really bad rash.  see i knew the methotrexate would make my immune system  a lot weaker just like my rebuff injections kinda do but I'm not getting any worse  or better I'm  stuck at my ms stage.and i can stop my rebif injections but i m stopping the methotrxate i believe it is why i have all these infections...rebel is still very cute.  he's been laying between my legs and somehow grounds me, I'm very blessed have him in my life, he is so snuggly  and purry. we make each other happy and that is beautiful.  and we love eacother deeply, and he makes me laugh. little fuzzy fur baby. lol he takes naps with me and as next to me till i fall asleep. he's such a GOOD BOY!