So  rebel is so cool

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Apr 25, 2019

He laid in between  my legs head on my calf muscles  and he purred ground my energy  to the soles of  of my feet were vibrating  he heals differently  than  chaos ever did and my new care giver  loves him saying hes pretty cool cat and  she isn't  even a cat person!  I knew he was all that and more lol I recognized  him in his pic with his dad.  I think I can spot other water signs, I recognize  them and we are  all thick as thieves  rebel follows me around meowing lol. I love  him so very much!  I was crying over missing chaos and he gave pisses till  calmed down and hes been with me ever since.  I have bed sores  again. So I'm back to using duoderm bandaid. My comp is being  shipped. Finally lol I feel so stupid the same comp is on Amazon  for 25 more  dollars  and 2 day shipping  but it'll be ok.  I need to learn to be more patient lol which is really hard for me lol I always get the tempest tarot card upside down.  Lol I guess eternally  4 years old has a hard time waiting  for things lmao!