lol so i love rebel

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Jan 9, 2019

he looks at me when I say rebel lol he is a lot more affectionate than chaos ever was he lays on his back next to me on the couch.  he is a lot more vocal as he walks around our apt lol.  but I need him to know he cant be on my counters or other things but he is only 7  months old and im giving him all the space he needs lol.   it only took me 2 days to get him to learn his name.  good by rebel and he likes me petting his tummy lol im guessing he already trusts me.  chaos did pick him for me and my best friend brandy knew we would get along and that rebel is a fitting name for him.   chaos told me it in my trance.   good night my huge exsmoking family.  


rebel and june