hello my huge ex smoking family.

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Dec 23, 2018

I am very sad putting chaos to sleep makes me feel like I failed him...but I also know he wasnt acting like chaos, I could tell by the way he couldn't make it out of his cat carrier he was in pain...

I still feel him hopping on my bed and I heard his purr last night I know he hasn't left my side we are soul mates of course hes waiting for me I would do the same for him...I guess it pays to me enlightened hear **** no one else can hear or seeing things no one else is aware of.  he does energy work on me every night...

I will get find my inner peace. he did not die in excoriating pain.  I spared him that much at least.  my old massage teacher told me putting him was apart of taking care of him..it soo sucks being an a adult.