Blog Post created by jconfusion on Dec 13, 2018

dr mike my vet called me today and asked me how I was doing.. and then he went on to ask me if I was thinking about getting another kitty, because he would like to get my cat for me with all the shots being fixed and declawed.  im not ready chaos was put to sleep just this Monday.  he went to tell me I took great care of chaos and I made the right choice.   I just thought id shared how nice dr mike was this morning and it warms my heart that he bothered calling me to see how I was doing.  I thought I scared him when I was weeping over my poor lil boy, but I guess I made an impression on him he even said don't beat yourself up over this you did everything you could for him.  and I know why hes getting my next cat lol im a very good owner of pets.  yeah im saving money on the adopting and neutering but theres rabbie shots  meds food

or am I being too cynical?  I knw most people never do anything for free without a hidden motive im always wait for the second food to drop lol that is because it does. lol