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Blog Post created by jconfusion on Nov 6, 2018

so my mom called the nurse practitioner and my wound nurse messaged her too and they left my mom a message saying she wants me to go to the er and have them look at my rash on my bum. It sucks I cant fire her because the  doctor office is the only office that prescribes Percocet and morphine. in branch county.  and they  made me sign a contract saying I wont change doctors in this building.  and I felt like crap all day but I see a bone doc in Jackson and see my family doc tomorrow for my depo shot  aka birth control shot for 3 months I haven't had my period since ive been 16 lol.   I actually like that I don't have to buy women products.  

I am not exercising because I have a temp.  

worry not im not even think about  smoking I got past that hump when I was on year 2,. and im on year 7.