atta girl statement jennifer skiver

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Oct 30, 2018

Atta girl statement of Jennifer Skiver.

I am a very interesting insanely more creative and completely one artistic loving passionate a glint of humor in my blue eyes and very reactive to the surrounding environment.  I have pixie hair and draw my eye brows on everyday.  I am solarpheron, she who comes from the sun. and within a twirl my stance is solid as I hold my tattooed hands out.  Life is so much more inspiring when life is surprising bright loud chaotic look at my lashes to know when to strike.  I am proud to be different special, weird, beautiful, teasing  for the settle moments of that spark that makes me giggle manically. Coloring is better than sex and all the worlds are to be made how literally seductive to create with my tattooed hands.  The heat of a lust fueled magnatism when inspiration was discovered  Slap foil down for armor as the quest to find the artist or the artist began scribbling  cause the vibrations for my journey to make the art. Blow the fire out and take my hand ill show you have to get to her.  Wake up with the drive of sorcery flattened me with mozarts creativity leapingand climbing off the musical notes.  Lovely how she sits at the window not caring who sees or what others think.  She is strong fierce a multidimensional puzzle forever changing and eternally unsolvable.  The most interesting laugh that can not be copied.  Loves deeply and gets hurt just as bad.  The sun shines when I smile and the storm comes when I’m  sad.   I am whole love dark humored woman who is so complicated all who understand are friends and any who don’t understand are erased from my memory.  this was from a exercise from 

The Co-Creation Handbook: A Shamanic Guide to Manifesting a Better World and a More Joyful Life
by Alida Birch