till i collapse

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Oct 28, 2018

I listen to Eminem till I collapse  when im working out its very inspiring makes me feel like I can take on the work of all its crap and still com out from a mile of poop and come out clean on the other side, yes im   quoting Shawshank redemption.

I watch movies like the 16th round, and life as a house. in life as a house he was fired and he destroyed all his lifes work because his boss was a real jerk.

and he collapsed outside his work and found out he was dying.  and he built his dream house with his messed up kid I cried.  I loved it too it sucks he was dyingbut he fixed himself  and hislife as he and his family built his house.   loved it what I took from this movie inspired me to get my book published after I got outta rehab and learned to walk again and its never give up n your dreams no matter if youre dying.

I also loved eminems song lose yourself and it helped me go to college.

keep moving because dreams do just live by wishing them to exist it takes will and determination, and passion to succeed matter if you know youre not going towin the race but you keep on running no matter what you don't do  it to win you do it to prove to yourself you finished for yourself.  that's why quitting smoking is so important you don't do it for anyone else you do it for yourself. run tiillyou cross the finish line.  you don't know how strong you are till you've tried



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