chaos is such a good boy!

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Oct 28, 2018

lol I was all sad and he climbed on his two giant pillows and just sat next to me and let me scratch his throat and chin. and just purred me to sleep.  he is so attentive when im sad or if im distracted and he just looks lovingly at me.  lol hes makes me so happy.  and he heals me with his raptor purrs. and he stands next o me and walks in front of where I am waling in front of mt walker and he waits for my basket touches his tail before he can move forward.  or he waits for me to do my leg lifts or he comes back if im taking to long to get up because hes corralling me to the living room cause hes out water or food, starvation is immanent. lol I know I sound like a crazy cat lady and hes my firat cat that wasn't the families first.  chaos and me are so close.  I love him so very much and his raptor purr  makes me insanely happy.   ive never been to close to another living being, and im to the moon in love with my soulmate:)