ok health update

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Oct 23, 2018

I went to go see my neurologist today, I still walk just as fast I did last year, and he wants another mri, and he wants all my doctors for skin bones and urine.  he went through all my meds and I added some more stuff, and I told him about my uti, to send him stuff about all my health and I showed him myfingers, they are all really deformed.   I told him I wake up at 5 am ride the bike , do seated tia chi  meditate, and walk around every half an hour everyday.  and he was like that is good will power and shows how committed  I am.  I told him I do this to be wheel chair free. I have bed sores.  and he said I could have more kidney stones and I shouldn't keep getting them like I have been. ive lost 25 pounds since he saw me last year,  I also do reiki on myself everyday, and he said im to never use humara or any immune system meds that can mess with my shot rebif an interferon injection I do  on mon wens and fri get the weekend off woohoo! lol