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Blog Post created by jconfusion on Oct 19, 2018

my sister is going to rehab today. im seeing a wound nurse for my bed sores it started off as one big sore a couple days ago and now I have a big one andthree  little ones.   I have ms and I sit a lot but Ill have to be getting up and walking down the hallway again.  sighs when things go bad they happen to me.  

and ive had an uti and just got done with the last antibiotic, and yesterday.  and the nurse practitioner just got don't telling me 2 weeks ago that iam to call her if I need antibiotics refilled then I go see her and she went back what she said, she wont give me an antibiotic until ive been off for a week  then she wants to test my pee,and shes sending me to the gynecologist  to see why im always getting yeast infections and to the urologist to see if anythingis wrong with my girl parts, but I get utis because I have multiple sclerosis, and I keep getting yeast infectons because im on Bactrim.

shakes my head she is so stupid and im starting to feel like a cash cow. and no one is listening she is arguing with me saying if I get anti biotics for too  long ill become immune and I am telling her my shot rebif is an interferon med and makes my immune system weak, and if she makes ne wait a weak ill have a uti again with fevers, chills  an over all bad feeing. and shes trying to say  the next step is iv but do you know how many people have told me that?  

 they've also told me I have to take this one pill because its the only thing that works  but it gives me migraines lol you know how many people told me that? everyone... but they aren't even listening to me..