so the inner structer of the weavinvgs are moaning from the weight of  addiction

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Sep 26, 2018

the fleeting ticklish annoying  hunger always continuously wanting of things that are slowly killing senses  making the heart race yes feels like a calming pool of stillness, yet the urgency of needing more feels like acid draining the throat mouth, tongue, cheek and gum), esophageal, and pancreatic cancers and may also cause gum and heart disease Acetaldehyde, Aromatic amines, Arsenic, Benzene, Beryllium (a toxic metal), 1,3–Butadiene (a hazardous gas), Cadmium (a toxic metal), Chromium (a metallic elementCumen, Formaldehyde Nickel (a metallic element), Polonium-210 (a radioactive chemical element), Tobacco-specific nitrosaminesVinyl chloride

  • oh my, see I was told all this and it didn't make me wanna stop, not until I read what I was doing to chaos and I should have known, I did extensive research on all his food and his kitty littler.  I felt like a crappy mom.  I never touched another cig since then though...