lol progress

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Aug 27, 2018

so ive been riding the bike for .mins everyday and even if the mugginess is killing me I feel so much better after I ride the bike, im no longer out of breathe, my main goal is to ride for 20 mins im getting there lol. my sister is getting rid of her cellulitis, getting  a divorce meeting a rehab place which shell be living in.  its only been 2 weeks though and this is when she usually messes up, on week 3.  but she deleted her facebook account and  got ride of all her toxic friends  I will keep telling her I love her and im so proud of her.  its time to be positive and supportive for her.  but im not holding my breathe over this.  she needs to make the choice to quit and stick to it.   I told her how I quit meth, I stopped hanging out with toxic ppl,   because yes they are friends, but if they aren't good for me to quit doing meth.   and I went to japan for three months lol its pretty easy to quit stuff if ya don't know how to ask for it lol. thank you everyone for your prayers and support in my little sister drama.