fear not i is here

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Aug 16, 2018

I am a reiki master, shaman,  and ive been working on myself for the past 10 years, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  I push myself to do physical therapy everyday so I don't end up wheel chair bound.  and just because I have dreams about buying smokes doesn't  mean ill start smoking again.  I am bipolar,  I have mutilple sclerosis, and I have arthritis and a whole bunch of all crap.

all of which I have chosen to not have kids, because of all the things wrong with me, and I cant deal with a kid asking me why they have ms.  and plus it wouldn't be fair to them im on limited income I cant run or pick them up.   

and chaos would never forgive me, he is really good with kids, but he likes having my complete undivided attention.  sand I don't mind.  I have a good life or atleast fighting having having ms  every second and flipping off ms as much as i can because I do enjoy flipping ppl and personal problems off lol

and as for my sister I can not make her decisions or live her life for her.  I tell her I love her and hoe proud of her I am for wanting to try to go back to rehab.  I just hope she really does it this time...

thank you everyone for letting me vent and for all the hugs and prayers.