ok i dont know whats going on entirely but

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Aug 11, 2018

Rachel is completely swollen arms and legs  they can put an iv in her because all her veins are collapsed and her immune system is completely trashed and they are going to put her in quarantine.  sighs  my stupid little sister I love her so much.  but she is in a lot of trouble,   I am completely exhausted emotionally, I don't know how to help her.  I just hope she wont lose her arms or legs... she had a huge cyst in her groin tummy area,  and she can barely walk.  its only been 2 days I bet shes going through withdraw, I hear about an 8 ball with meth and heroine and god knows what else.  sighs ill keep you all posted im doing meditation and deep breathing to keep myself from losing it. im going to bed later folks.