wow six years!

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Sep 24, 2017

I knew the first day I met chaos my soul recognized his soul and I swore I would  protect love and take care of him my soul mate son.  and the very moment I read what my smoking was already doing to his damaged eyes that was it I threw out my cigs and didn't look back.  and now I have a very handsome big green eyed tabby who makes me happier than ive ever known to be possible.  and he thanks me everyday with his loud raptor purrs everyday.  chaos is my heart, my son, my companion, my best friend,and worth quitting smoking for  anyday.

I couldn't do this alone, this site everyone on here that shows support helps more than anyone could ever know.

10 years ago if someone said I would be able to quit smoking for good id laugh at them.  I didn't even think about quitting until I read that article about how harmful cig smoke is for animals.


I want to thank everyone who has put up all this time, lol lets face it scorpios are hard to talk to.


for everyone starting their quit today, tomarrow, or thinking about it, take it one day at a time this is a great site to educated, support  and celebrate or even cry on there is always help here.