chaos is my awesome soulmate kitty

Blog Post created by jconfusion on Sep 2, 2017

he must think hes a dog because he never leaves my side and always comes when I call him and his raptor purr is stuck on when he comes around me lol I'm sorry but he is so worth quitting smoking over and I somehow became a hermit cat lady lol worry not I am so happy that there is no one around to control me and that  I don't have to rely on anyone financially. loving chaos is the easiest decision Ive ever had to do when I quit smoking for him, there was no hesitation it was considered done when I made my mind up and now I have a red tabby with beautiful big greeneyes so I'm not really alone italk  to chaos all the time lol. and I got my hair cut faux hawk lol its a girly Mohawk  chand chaos approves lol.  22 days ill have a big post lol I wont wreck it for you now but ill be back in 22 days