Hello All

Blog Post created by jbollweg on May 20, 2018

Sorry to have gone away again but my sis-in-law came home from rehab ( she had a stroke) so I have been helping out. I quit smoking because I was diagnosed with COPD. Actually, no one had to tell me cause if I tried to do anything I wouldn't be able to breath. Awful! Second reason was my dog. She was breathing much heavier then when I first adopted her. Next, a friend I slowly have been trying to get to know better couldn't breath & he has had a double bypass so I was hurting my friends. Most important I was hurting ME! For about 45yrs.

Still considering Bariatric surgery. Part of that is you can't smoke. My stop date is 3/27/18 & I know I feel so much better. Lost 30lbs now. My A1C has gone down from 8.1 to 7.3. Is all this work worth it especially at my age of 58? Heck yes! Last but not least this web site gave me strength. You all gave me hope & reading what you all write has inspired me so thank you.

Had been down to just the gum but you can't use it so I stopped that too so I am totally nicotine free for about a week now? You can do this 1 day at a time. (thats how I looked at it.) > Jeanne B