OK I knew this would happen.......20 days?

Blog Post created by jbollweg on Apr 16, 2018

Hi Everyone! I agree that their are days when I want to kick something or worse someone......Haven't smoked but right now my eyes feel like they want to fall  (literally) fall out of the sockets. My nose & cheeks hurt & somehow,  someway  I feel like I have a cold. But I don't think it is a cold......doesn't make sense but I whatever it is I feel yukky. But I still haven't smoked. Want to say to who ever is struggling, their are days when I feel lousy but I try not to dwell there & Sky? Your feedback to me was why this Community works for me.....just to let everyone know .....No patches now, just gum & trying to use it sparingly.

I have all ready said this before but sincerely .......Thanks  > Jeanne B