Day #12

Blog Post created by jbollweg on Apr 8, 2018

Today has probably been the hardest day so far. Started out fine, then went south real quick, followed by it being much better because I used advice I had been given. I have been sick, as a lot of you know & was trying to get much needed rest & a certain someone kept or so I thought.... knocking on my door & calling me & hanging up. Anyway, I had jumped to conclusions & well... insert foot happened. To make matters worse, I called a mutual friend & asked for help & found out that was a very bad idea (putting a mutual friend in the middle is a bad idea + he had just lost his cousin in an accident)  followed by ....one mistake after another.....Finally,  I called another friend, went where I could talk to others & get out of myself. Then we went to dinner. My friend & I then did a little shopping. When I came back home I wrote an apology to one person & received a e-mail from the other & everything is all right now. I learned a big lesson today....stop trying to take care of everyone else & take care of myself. Also, make sure your info is correct. Good advice! I keep praying- put your arm around my shoulder & your hand across my mouth lol Thanks for listening everyone! Jeanne