One whole year

Blog Post created by jbliesmer on May 7, 2018

YOU GUYS! I did it! I made 365 days without one single puff. I have been trying to think of something monumental to say about this, it is my longest quit.


I feel terrible for those that struggle, because honestly it's been pretty easy for me. My husband is still using the gum. I never used any NRT. I never had an urge to go to the store and buy a pack. I never walked past someone smoking and liked the smell. In fact it's the opposite. I hate being around it. 



I gave up nothing except chains. I have had so many great experiences that I never would have had in I were tied to pack of cigarettes. 


So to celebrate my one year, I ran a 5k. I ran the whole thing. Didn't walk a step. The old me would have gotten done and gone away to smoke a cigarette out of site. The new me stayed for the awards ceremony and had a banana and water. I really like the new me.

Thanks everyone for all of your continued support. Love this site


Jaime 366 DOF