Day 72

Blog Post created by jbliesmer on Jul 17, 2017

Hey, you guys.

Guess what?

I haven't thought about smoking.

I have had WHOLE DAYS where I didn't think about it.

It could be because I had my wisdom teeth out Monday. Let me tell you, no walk in the park for this old jaw.

But it could also be this little lull right here in the middle of No Man's Land.

Regardless, I will take it, I will take WHOLE DAYS of not having to fight it. I will take every single easy moment and bottle them to try and remember when times get tough. I feel like I earned those easy moments.

I ran my first ever trail run Saturday. 2.7 miles, climbed 700 ft in elevation at a vineyard, it was 94 and humid as all get out at the start of the race.

I did it. Because I can do difficult things.



Keep on quitting guys. There are days of joy ahead.




72 DOF