One Month

Blog Post created by jbliesmer on Jun 6, 2017

Wow. Would you look at that. When it seemed like day one was going to last forever.

Here we are. One month baby.

Sometimes it feels like 15 minutes. Sometimes it feels like I  have never smoked at all. 

The mind can play some sneaky tricks on you.

I tossed off my training wheels (the wellbutrin). I am doing it on my own now.  I needed it (or thought I did) to get over a hump and here I am, on the other side.

I have to be honest, I am just starting to tell people. I told a few, but I am a very private person. And the shame and stigma that go along with smoking, means I never told them in the first place. But now that I have this 30 day badge of honor, I am showing it off.

So now comes No Man's Land. Here I come.
I cannot begin to tell you what a great help this site has been.