Third Day......

Blog Post created by jbliesmer on May 8, 2017

Today is my third day SMOKE FREE! Free is the way to be!

I haven't used any NRT, but I have it handy if I need it.

I didn't clean nearly as much yesterday, but I had a date to a princess party with my niece  She is 5 and kept me busy from 12:30 -6. She lives about 40 minutes away, so my trip to take her home was my longest in the car without a smoke. We chatted the entire time. I now know she likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with chips in the middle.



I took 5 minutes off my 5K time from Thursday.

Today  was my first day being at work as an EX Smoker. Rather than try to totally change my routine. I drove on my lunch to where I always used to go and chain smoke. I sat their with the windows open and read a book. No smokes. It was lovely. I didn't stink when I got back either. In fact I think I can still smell my perfume from this morning. The smoke hasn't eaten it up.


I have to go have a boil cut out of my back now. It's rather large and painful, so I was lucky they could work me in today.




~Keep on quitting~ 

Day three, going strong.