Three days

Blog Post created by jbliesmer on May 2, 2017

Three days until my quit day and feeling more resolve than ever. 

Last night I got my husband to start reading Allen Carr's The Easy Way to Quit Smoking. This is huge because he usually reads about one book per year. We had some good discussion at the end of the evening and again this morning. I hope this strengthens his resolve and helps. Every little bit helps right? Like when we had our first cigarette and how hard we had to work at "liking" smoking. Gross.

I picked up some post it notes today. Some will list our reasons for quitting, and others will be covered with things to do instead of having a cigarette. They will stay up as long as we need them.


The pills are now killing all hunger and I had to make myself eat today. 


These are just my ramblings. Feel free to ignore. I just want to be able to look back at these blogs someday. And perhaps laugh