Blog Post created by jawidge on Aug 14, 2011

A lot of things!!  I often utilize analogies when I write and I guess it is because I find them a very useful way to convey a thought or feeling.  I notice that we use them here too, and I think the reason is that we are all writing   a new chapter in our lives that we’ve not known before. That is pretty exciting to me!  Many of us talk about our quit as being on a journey.  I often visualize the journey as a hike, on foot most of the time.  Thanks to Tommy, we don’t have to walk all the time LOL  We can ride the train for part of the day!  After tons of reading here, and writing a little myself, I sometimes see the journey a little differently.




I was seeing quitting like a shuttle launch.  Here are the similiarities:




If we are serious about doing this, we prepare by reading, putting certain things in order, and generally make preparations and counting  down to the “special day”.  We approach that day with considerable trepidation, although there have been many that have gone before us.  We are not 100 percent confident on launch day that we will be successful.   On quit day, our senses are heightened. We are apprehensive, nervous, but we blast off in spite of what we are feeling.  Why?  Because we really want this.  Yes we blast off and there is considerable shaking and explosions going off, and we are transfixed by our circumstances.  It is all we can do to stay focused on the mission, but we do.  After the shaking and noise, we move into the next phase of the journey.  I can remember when I was young and was watching on TV the moon shots and the orbital missions, there was always a part of the flight called a black out when communication was “blacked out” and no one was sure what was going on.  Not much different  from NO MANS LAND.  




As far as my quit goes today, it is peaceful,  I am floating along above all the withdrawal, triggers and urges.  Just gazing down on a beautiful place that I call home.  All I have to do  is keep an eye on things and routine maintenance, and the flight is really smooth.  




There is one big difference between space flight and my quit though,,,  I’m NEVER GOING BACK!!!   I hope just to stay out here to the end of my days.  Stay out here away from the urges and triggers.  I never want to go back there again..   I want for all who read this that may not have much time in their quit, you must know  that this peacefulness  is attainable, this is not at all what I expected when I blasted off on this quit ,  I thought that I would still be fighting day and night but it is so much better than that now.  And it will be for you too. This much I promise…….. as long as you don’t abort the mission.   Have a great  smoke free night.     George