Smoking strikes another one again

Blog Post created by janicesullenger on Dec 13, 2018

i had came back to this group because i'm so proud of quitting cold turkey.  will be 7 yrs on Jan 4th.  well i've been gone a while again.  on Nov 12, my husband had a stroke.  they said a mild one and sent him home the next day and said he could return back to work in a day.  this was on a Tues.  i wasn't so confident.  things weren't right.  talked the dr into keeping him out til at least monday.  that Saturday, just 5 days later, he fell coming out of the bathroom.  nothing on the floor to trip over.  i didn't notice til a little later that he hit the wall so hard that there was blood streaks.  i sat him on a bench that we have at the foot of the bed.  it's only about 18" off the floor, i turned to get his socks and he fell sideways off of it.  his daughter called for an ambulance, took him to a local hospital who claimed it was something else.  i threw a fit and had them take him to Vanderbilt by ambulance.  he had a bloodclot go up the brainstem and explode in his head.  caused a double brain stroke.  the dr there said he's only seen 2 other cases like this.  it was caused from smoking.  he never quit when i did and we argued constantly when i smelled it on him.  i quit due to DVT's, blood clots in several parts of my body and bi-lateral embolisms.  my husband can't make new memories.  absolutely no short term memory.  i haven't seen it, theres a movie called 51 dates with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler that is about her losing her memory and every new day is the same.  the dr called his the 51 date syndrome.  if he can't make memories within the next 3 to 6 months, chances are he won't again.  so if you are on the fence about quitting, reread this again.  i haven't left his side and just exhausted but i'll continue to take care of him.  Smoking is not worth this or anything else it can cause!!!