Going on Day Seven

Blog Post created by janetto on Aug 2, 2017

So far no strong urges to smoke. The lozenges recommend taking one every 2 hours, but that is way too often. I have been averaging one every 3 or 4 hours. Today I'm going to try just using them when or if I get the urge to smoke.

On my last quit, I quit the chantex after only a few days smoke free. That was a mistake. Not visiting this site frequently was another mistake. I don't want to leave myself open to temptation (hubby still smokes, cigs readily available) but I want to be off the nicotine.

I have not yet had a stressful day at work or at home (big trigger) or had a drink (big trigger)  I know stress and an excuse to smoke are out there waiting for me. I need to NOT SMOKE.