The very next thing..

Blog Post created by iquittoday on Mar 30, 2020

Hello friends. 
I am holding myself accountable by making a step towards quitting. By recognizing when I’m activated to pick up a cigarette, I’m processing the feelings and where the activation came from through doing a body scan. My next step is reaching out to a community who have the same intention as mine.. living life to the fullest without tobacco dictating my emotions and interrupting my life. 



At age 23 I struggle to get proper breaths, always coughing up phlegm and feel terrible when my cat always wants to be on my lap while smelling toxic of carcinogenic fumes.

being around family, friends and general public I have discovered I expose weakness  to others by relying on something other than myself to keep me in check or relaxed. 
Needless to say there’s more to it than that- a stronghold.


i welcome all to comments and am happy to find a community in which understands me and is there to uplift as well, encourage me to stay strong, to quickly forgive if I slip and relapse and get back up and try over again with even more strength.


im here to encourage and bring hope and support you all in our paths to a healthy tobacco free lifestyle. 



Here’s to better living!