Blog Post created by ingenuenlove on Mar 22, 2018


Today marks my 30th smoke free day. (I really LOVE SAYING THAT)

 I quit as a result of developing Influenza A on 2/17/18. Of course this transitioned into a nasty upper respiratory virus and left me feeling constantly dizzy and short of breath. I have been to the ER 2x, PCP 2x, Physical Therapist and an ENT with the hopes of determining what the cause of my constant pressure in my head is related to. I have had a head CT, ruled out Vertigo, a hearing test and a tympanogram to test for fluid and all have come back fine. I have been on Sudafed, Flonase, Claritin. This sensation of pressure in my ears and head has been a CONSTANT for 30 days with only ONE day of complete freedom from symptoms.

My PCP had me take 5 prednisone pills in one day with the hopes of knocking out the inflammation he assumed was putting pressure on my tubes. The following day I was symptom free.

The day after that- I was almost immobile because my symptoms came back like a raging bull. Every sound reverberated in my head. Every movement.

I saw the ENT this week Monday and she has me on a longer course of steroids coupled with more Flonase and Claritin. I have had relief- but the pressure and such is still waiting at the back door..silently knocking and letting me know they aren't going anywhere. I am crossing my fingers that by the time I am done with the 10 day round-all of the inflammation is gone.


SO, why am I posting this here? I am wanting to know if anyone is experiencing anything similar as it relates to not smoking? Is it possible that this is clinging to me like a bad habit BECAUSE I quit a bad habit?