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I am at MY mom's in Tennessee - we came to say so long for now - old age hitting hard at 87 YEARS YOUNG - she said she will NOT be here much longer  - it has been ok - dealing with three other blood sisters- I STAY in MY Daddy God's Holy Word - 24/7- praise and music on the radio too  - one of MY sisters says at 67 YEARS -  she will not be here much longer either - both mom and 67 yr sister have rheumatoid in bones and on drugs to deal with the PAIN - BOTH say it doesn't work - BOTH say it is torture and constant and NEVER ending deep PAIN - prayers lifted for the whole blood family and I am trusting God for HIS plan for OUR blood family - each member - - by OUR Holy Spirit leading-  each INDIVIDUAL- separate and together to get along - not to take offense and seek Holy Spirit fruits of love joy peace by faith in Jesus name amen - blood family at times - varies in each person - deranged with EMOTIONS twisted in past and present and praying to remain seeking God's will above ALL - thanks for letting ME share what MY NON SMOKER REALITY IS LIFE- everyone goes through a day without being a VICTIM of - OUR INDIVIDUAL past -only by pray I ask Holy Spirit to teach ME - to keep focused -  living and accepting of MY present today - I am gonna keep on trusting MY Lord Jesus and keep on PRAISING MY Lord -  no matter what for HIS -  outcome is the best - either way here or there for ME - WE - MY blood family are HIS by Faith in Jesus name amen - MY constant friend - MY Lord Jesus who has HIS eyes on ME - I share because - I prayed and asked for God's help - I am joy filled and NICOTINE FREE - and I am blessed to have this opportunity to say to MY mom - face to facI love YOU ma and YOU are NOT a burden to ME - I take care of YOU because I lve you ma - she said OK - good - I love you too and thank YOU for taking care of ME- that's MY life TODAY - one day at a time - please take what HELPS and let go of the rest to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you and thanks for letting ME share MY DAY - gentle hug