Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Dec 31, 2017

It is NOT what is in MY thoughts.... MY brain power... positive thinking... positive thought training.... new thinking habits... what I have experienced in MY life.... talking about ME not anyone else so please take what helps and let go of the rest to be helpful is MY only aim.... I learned through 38 YEARS of being addicted to nicotine... all the thoughts... thinking of plans.... ideas.... this time I will quit.... failed thoughts.... plans.... ideas.... then I confessed the SELF truth that was in MY heart to MY Lord Jesus...Dear Jesus if you dont take these cigs from ME I will smoke them until I drop dead in Jesus name amen...... in MY heart is the actions of MY heart truth of MY lusts of many many addictions... I thank God for the removal of many many addictions in all these YEARS and now in MY heart is thoughts of love for all those who want to quit using nicotine.... the question to MY MY heart is to always run to God first tell him the truth about ME only  ME that think I can do it.... I admit I wont do it if God doesnt help ME to stay quit no matter what in Jesus name amen to confess the truth in MY heart which he already knows... God waits for ME to surrender MY heart addictions and then God in his grace mercy and love sets ME free to choose MY heart truth not MY head knowledge thats SELF filled with ONE more more plan or idea.....convincing MY self that it will be different this time.... this time I will control it... I failed again...... MY heart now says not one puff over me.... go blog and heart help some ONE...... happy new years EVE to all in Jesus name amen