Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Dec 16, 2017

I  have learned just for today to appreciate the MOMENTS of MY day....I never really thought what would MY Higher Power who is God wants ME to do in each MOMENT of a guessed it..... to re-evaluate MY thought process of this day filled with precious MOMENTS to love on others....for some reason God is always about others...loving others above sharing MY MOMENTS with any others that I see in a day....all peoples.....loving them with a smile......or text others some love graphics or bible verses to encourage others....or to ask anyone if they would like ME to pray for them or anyone...or to remember how God chose ME to not use nicotine and come here to blog some love of hope that by sharing MY moment of this day I was able by Gods grace to live nicotine free by loving anyone with a moment of MY time to blog....or to text notes of congrats for staying in their RECOVERING to anyone with a day to try and have a good attitude of gratitude to God for his mercy and grace to extend to others in a moment....these moments are to eternity for ME and to share the lesson of mind set changed today to value MY MOMENTS more than anything this world has to offer by letting all others know that God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son to all those who would believe that Jesus died on the cross for all you sins and Jesus died for just you and was buried and rose from the dead and this is free love gift of salvation to all who would just believe..... it is written in the bible..... so please take what helps and let go of the rest...please and thank you to go and get a bible and read in 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1-4 and Romans chapter 10 verses 9-10 for yourself the free gift of eternal salvation offered freely to anyone who reads these words from God and these moments of your precious day.... please know it is up to you to choose......this is a MOMENT is so precious.... so opportunity for anyone who chooses to read the bible for themselves.... to choose eternal life offered freely....a gift to all who choose to believe or NOT.....its all on you to use this MOMENT of grace given and if you decided of your own free one will care but you....see God doesn't make anyone choose...he left that free will choice on each individual and that's the grace and mercy of an awesome God....unconditional go while there is still wont be any worse off....if you reject the offer....that's on you will NOT TAKE ONE PUFF over my MOMENTS of blogging an offer of free love to spend eternity with God.. choices..... choices..... choices........ you have many choices..... in the  MOMENTS of this one day and I live in America..... one nation under God and the land of the free and I am so grateful to God for the gift of nicotine freedom to for I am his beloved daughter in Christ Jesus and I am not ashamed to spread the Gospel of Grace taught to ME in MY MOMENTS 31 years ago I accepted to believe the same offer given to me November 5, 1986 I chose to be born-again in Christ Jesus and let it be know.......I was saved and still using nicotine....yep.... believe that it wasn't until I was ready to admit I was a nicotine addict in need of MY Savior Jesus and on January 6, 2011..... I received a cold turkey quit.....I smoked for 38 years at the end of MY using I was at 50 nicotine cigs a day.......I kept trying on MY own to quit and I would get down to 2-3 nicotine sticks a day.... yet I still would not quit....I use and buy another pack....then I fell to MY knees out of desperation that I would NOT quit using on MY own no matter what or how hard I tried or wanted to quit I wouldn't.....I was powerless over nicotine and I was unmanageable by MY own self will run riot... and so I prayed and  said Dear Jesus...... If you don't take these cigarettes away I will smoke them until I dropped dead in Jesus name amen and I went to bed and awoke the next day with a cold turkey quit....I had been coming here to this site since November 2010 signed up for MY own page and was reading blogs and still using nicotine and exercising every day and still using nicotine until I finally admitted the truth to ME in all honesty I was a nicotine addict and to this very MOMENT I know I do not deserve anything from is written....God is love....and it is all his glory I am still nicotine free and trying to help in MOMENTS of my day....all others who suffer from nicotine addiction....all you have to do is read the bible for yourself....thanks for letting ME share MY recovery story....I do appreciate all here who still help teach ME to stay in the MOMENTS and give the love away so I remain quit no matter what life brings....Merry Christ to all in Jesus name amen and amen