This day

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Dec 12, 2017

This day I have learned to take what helps ME abd to let go of the rest and to believe I have been healed of MY nicotine addiction this day alone!  It was suggested to educate MY self on MY nicotine addiction so I did and this day MY thoughts are fiiled with love for the newbee  and ALL those here this day! I believe that  this day is ALL OUR FIRST day nicotine free.... this day is ALONE is our first nicotine free day to break down into seconds minutes hours and whoever got up first is the longest nicotine free person in recovery from nicotine in this day..... a new day to share hope with ALL others for NO ONE knows what this day holds... blog BEFORE you take that first puff over you and please remember there is always someone to be grateful for in this day and always a blog to write to give away that same hope you received on this day! Happy joy filled nicotine free in this day for ME in Jesus name and thanking God for this day and ALL of you here! Amen