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I am thanking My Higher Power who is God.... and letting it be known how God has blessed me with have TONS OF I made a decision to volunteer for thanksgiving at church.... to help clean and serve where ever they need help....the church puts on a thanksgiving meal for the military in our area and for those who have no where to eat thanksgiving meal...since God blessed me with a NICOTINE FREE life...I asked my husband to join me....he never used nicotine LIKE ME....not his drug of choice.....he will be helping cook the turkeys....just want to share that there is HOPE  in living a NEW CHRIST LIFE.....and for ME..... enjoying MY CHRIST LIFE by giving to others ABOVE myself....not thinking of using NICOTINE.....just thinking of MY Daddy God and showing him by OUR action the love and gratitude WE have for his tender mercies, faithfulness, and never ending love for those who show GOD... respect, honor, praise, worship, and who give ALL CREDIT TO GOD ALONE...who gave US his grace to DESIRE to show love by giving our lives and time to those in need.....when I was using NICOTINE...I only thought of my next cigarette and the money I needed to get my carton of death sticks...thoughts of... ME... MYSELF... AND... I ......TONS OF TIME ....NOW TIME IS SPENT THINKING OF WHAT I CAN DO FOR GOD...... I have spent TODAY...thinking of God and asking what WE can do for him because of what he has done and continues to do for those who love him and of our OWN FREE will chose to have His Son as our Savior and is a FREE GIFT....please take what you like and let go of the rest....please get a bible and read First Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1-4....for was said to ME and I am just passing on the love from God to any WHO SO Jesus name. amen...God is still into miracles......because I choose NOT to use NICOTINE.....I choose to love MYSELF to love OTHERS and offer the FREE GIFT given to me.. I try to share this site with all those who are using nicotine and share the love and support I have received here for the beginning of January 6, 2011 to this very day...and with MY TONS OF TIME TO BE A BLESSING TO next suffer nicotine addict here.......sharing the FACT life without using NICOTINE is REAL AND FUN.... and to give blessings to others who have no family at thanksgiving time and to OUR MILITARY WHO GIVE THEIR TIME AND LIVES FOR OUR FREEDOM......the church also has volunteers to let the military use Skype and cellphones of volunteers so the military persons can call family or friends too....tears of gratitude for God letting ME live to share HIS LOVE by giving away MY TONS OF TIME. thanks for letting me share A BLOG filled with the FACT....I really do have a happy free and joyous life giving it all away to others in Jesus name amen