Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Oct 26, 2017

Only by Gods grace I have not used nicotine since Jan 6, 2011....I was walking here to the library...I have no personal computer....FYI....I walk every where since I do not have a car....laughing out loud and smiling...I JUST FOUND OUT SOMEONE GAVE NATIVE AMERICANS THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER.......I never knew November was Native American month.....maybe who gave the month of November to might want to tell us......I will not use nicotine over this.....MY thoughts are now on sharing HOW.. being honest with myself today and my responsibility to stay  GROWN UP....I try to remain OPEN minded to accept life on life terms and to share my experience strength and hope that I handle life with a great attitude most day and just for today I am OK.....staying quit has been living in the present moment and trying to help the next suffering nicotine addict to hope and believe if I can NOT USE NICOTINE A DAY AT A can YOU....question is are YOU ready to believe.... if all these people are staying quit and dealing with their lives one day at a time so can is the new mind set YOU MUST CHANGE ALL YOUR USING NICOTINE ADDICTIVE THINKING..... to think on......NEW NICOTINE FREE IDEAS....talking to yourself...NO I DONT USE NICOTINE ANYMORE I AM A RECOVERING NICOTINE ADDICT ONE DAY AT A new free nicotine free day at a time....TO REPEAT A SONG...I NO LONGER USE NICOTINE BECAUSE I LOVE ME AND I DO NOT WANT TO DIE AN EARLY DEATH FOR USING....LA...LA...LA...LOU...that's MY love song to me......I have faith in you just for TODAY that you to will CHOOSE love for yourself to sing a NEW SONG.... and just wanted to share..i know there is tons of crap to use nicotine over...YET...I turned....that thought of OLD NICOTINE USING THINKING AND WOULD NOT LET IT LIVE....I REJECT THAT THOUGHT......and I PRAYED and ask MY HIGHER POWER WHO IS GOD please who can I help and was given the wisdom and knowledge to REMEMBER what was SUGGESTED TO ME A LONG TIME I  walked  to the library and remembered the next suffering nicotine addict so I just want to share the encouragement given to me a very long time was SUGGESTED....just live for today....and don't use that is what I did....pray and ACTION all done in LOVE just like they LOVED ME INTO BELIEVING ONE DAY AT ATIME....I give it all away to keep it so thank you for teaching me to STAY QUIT NO MATTER WHAT...TO CHANG MY THINKING OF MYSELF TO NEW THINKING OF OTHERS ABOVE MYSELF in Jesus name amen....please take what helps and let go of the rest to be HELPFUL is MY only aim....thanks for letting me share.