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How I STAY QUIT....I do not take that first PUFF over ME...H is for HONESTY WITH MYSELF....I am a recovering nicotine day at a time by MY Higher Power....who is me His grace....My Lord and Savior Jesus to remain NICOTINE FREE by MY faith in the Holy Spirit keeping ME....thinking of other NICOTINE addicts above MYSELF and to share MY experience, strength and hope with them ...FREELY GIVE...freely GIVEN ALL AWAY.

How do I put this in praying first and asking God to keep ME....O is for open- mindedness.... to LEARN from those who are YEARS living and staying quit and by taking their always remain TEACHABLE IN LOVE and remember to HELP some ONE.

How living is done by Faith in the God I serve and the blessing of this site SUPPORT TRY and help out when I am able to come to MY local library to use their FREE computers...and to blog how the W is for the willingness to do Gods will and service other in His love to help give hope and share what I am living....A NEW LIFE NICOTINE MY own peace with God, myself and believe I can be of service to some ONE...that  if you CHOOSE to follow the SUGGESTIONS given from those with YEARS of living in THEIR OWN SKIN WITHOUT USING to will learn HONESTY WITH remain be TAUGHT by the WILLINGNESS of others on this site reading their blogs when they remember what they USE to be like using nicotine...what HAPPENED inside of them and what they are doing TODAY by living NICOTINE free....They taught admit in MY heart ...I am a nicotine addict and powerless over nicotine....I came to believe that with My Higher Power who is God and the support of this on line RECOVERING FROM NICOTINE GROUP.....we will STAY QUIT TOGETER NO MATTER UNITY...with each other loving and teaching each other NEW IDEAS.....NEW COPING enjoy life NICOTINE living in the PRESENT of each NEW DAY and enjoying EACH THING WE sharing this blog with those who are NEW AND THOSE RECOVERING TODAY....I took the SUGGESTIONS and I still do by coming and reading and sharing MY HEART with just living in the MOMENTS. Please take what HELPS and let go of the rest be helpful is MY only Jesus name amen. SMOKE FREE AND REJOICING IN MY CHRIST- LIFE Jesus name amen.