Self- deceived

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Aug 16, 2017

Back in the PAST of MY using nicotine... I thought I will NOT get cancer from smoking nicotine.... OTHERS get cancer from smoking nicotine not ME.... then I watched an early death video from using NICOTINE..... Bryon was his name... his wife and famiy wanted to post it at it OPENED MY EYES on how I deceived MYSELF... Bryon was so young... I looked at his wifes face and at his young son as the watched Bryon die.... sharing this video in HOPE that Bryons early death would HELP someone to QUIT smoking nicotine.... I emailed Bryons family to thank them and let them know how grateful I was for their love and courage to give unconditionally LIFE to ME.... I am no longer self-deceived... NICOTINE is still being used to cope with the issues inside of users thinking CANCER HAPPENS TO OTHERS....I thank God for ALL here who suggested I go educated MYSELF here at this site AND at May God bless Bryons family and ALL here who TRY to help ALL those who WANT nicotine FREEDOM in Jesus name amen PLEASE take what helps and leave the rest... thank you.