MY new way of thinking

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Jul 21, 2017

Please take what HELPS and let go of the rest.... MY old way of thinking was living in MY past failures mistakes etc... not one thought EVER of living in the NOW and enjoying MY life as it is...MY old thoughts were using NICOTINE .. 50 cigs a day... while studying the Bible... Satan doesnt care if you read the Bible.. he just dont want ME out and SHARING JESUS and telling what Jesus did for ME... this is MY RECOVERY story not yours ... you are FREE to blog your own fyi... i used to think God didnt love ME..cuz i was raped by my father...6yrs old to 15yrs old... then i use to think...God didnt love me cuz i CHOSE to use alcohol... nicotine... preverted drunken sex with glutton... etc.. pitiful victim old thinking.... God hates ME... attempted to kill myself many times... MY THOUGHTS WERE OF DEATH... then i was blessed to see a commercial about a man trying to drink coffee.. he kept spilling it when trying to drink it and they said its hard to try drink coffee when you first quit smoking... something said on those lines... i used to think... poor man... then i was living that NEW action when i first tried things without using NICOTINE getting up... drinking water .. talking without cursing... when i first lived one minute without using nicotine... MY NEW WAY OF THINKING... i can do whatever i need to do in life through Christ... God loves ME unconditionally...I will not live in fear...i am difficult to offend...i love people and i enjoy helping them..i trust God complerely theres no need to worry...i am content and emotionally stable..God meets all MY needs abundantly..i pursue peace with God ,myself, and others.. i live in the present and enjoy EACH thing i do..i am disciplined and SELF-controlled..i put GOD first in MY life Jesus name amen.. Joyce Meyer..MY spiritual MAMA taught me these in her book POWER THOUGHTS...please read it for YOURSELF dont take MY word on it.. gentle hug... NEW Christ Jesus works for ME.... thanks for letting ME be me.