Mind MY business

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Jul 14, 2017

I come here to HELP any whosoevers to BELIEVE if i will STAY quit no matter what by sharing MY freedom from NICOTINE in the beginning by what i was taught and i continue to walk it out....i talk about MY nicotine free DAY... things i am dealing with when life JUMPS out of the bushes at ME... solutions that God has blessed ME with... to think of others ABOVE myself... to give freely what was given to ME... to adhere to this sites RULES regardless of what I think... to mind MY own business and stick to HELPING nicotine addicts by sharing what happened to ME in the beginning with NEWBEE stuff... then to share how i live with ME.... my mind is NOT obessed with sucking 50 cigs a day and making sure i have money to get more... TODAY... i blog to give HOPE to the next suffering NICOTINE addicts by reading MY being honest and open minded and willing to be an example with venting ...complaining ....whining ....cursing ....blah blah blah i am a RECOVERING NICOTINE ADDICT who yells and pitches a fit because i am still learning day by day NOT to make excuses for MY old addict HABITS trying to be TOP DOG.. NUMBER ONE...etc...all the fears and insecurties rooted in ME since childhood... i took suggestions went to professional therapy for root nicotine using excuses to be confronted and CHANGE for NEW HABITS and made peace with God...myself and all others who hurt me and i needed to forgive.... cuz Christ Jesus forgave ME... God pulled all the roots out and planted HIS SON in MY heart to love unconditionally all people... to learn everyone has their story just like i mind MY own business and let them live and let God be God... i obey the rules here cause i love Sir Mark and i love ALL who come here... i need all of you to help ME..... to continue to teach ME... so please remember... change is ALWAYS going on here to keep interest and to HELP suffering nicotine addicts to WANT what YOU have... ask yourself... am i being HELPFUL.... or causing STRIFE? Please take what HELPS and let go of the rest in Christ Jesus name amen.. keep your side of the street clean and thank God for this site... for Sir Mark and his assistants and MOST of ALL for suffering newbies that use to be US and they come here to check us blog blog blog NOT ONE PUFF OVER ME...UNITY in unconditional love for each other to STAY QUIT TOGETHER NO MATTER WHAT CHANGES COME.... i thank God for blessings ME with ALL here...gentle hug.