Shout out

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Jun 4, 2017

This is for ANYONE who thinks or feels unable to blog hurts... the past hurts... traumas... twisted thinking...wrong perspectives... failures of times tried....broken relationships....stresses about ... not working .. single...divorced...married...unable to express self with words instead of emotions....KNOW THIS YOU ARE NOT ALONE... when I first came to blog I was scared nervous angry happy sad wild running emotions that took my breath away cuz I was scared I would be made fun of...I was scared people wouldn't like me.. I blogged venting immaturity I blogged out of ignorance and pride I was snotty at times I was mad anger I cursed cuz I was unable to find adult words...YET I was taught by love from people here who KNEW exactly what I was going through for the first time ever being CLEAN FROM NICOTINE ... I was what the elders USED TO BE... a newcomers holding on to them for dear life... life I NEVER LIVED BEFORE CLEAN FROM NICOTINE...the elders taught ME to blog... they SUGGESTED TO READ THEIR BLOGS... and to keeping blogging and NOT TO USE NICOTINE OVER ME OR MY INSIDES OR OUTSIDES AND NOT TO LET MY FEARS LEAD ME.. I obeyed them and i was taught it is PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION. So please any NEWCOMERS AT THIS BLOGGING WHATEVER YOU NEED AT THE MOMENT...AS ALONG AS YOU DONT USE NICOTINE and the elders will HELP you....just like they taught ME with their example and love love love in Jesus name amen WE ARE A TEAM IN UNITY STAYING QUIT NO MATTER WHAT TOGETHER in Jesus name amen HUG.