June 3, 2017

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Jun 3, 2017

Today's date... new day... God blesses me with His presence in Christ Jesus with a NEW MIND SET... to let GO of MY old reactions....old defenses....old self pity whine....THEY are picking on me attitudes.... by Gods grace I have the freedom of CHOICE on June 3, 2017 to LIVE THIS DAY TO ITS FULLEST BY MY CHOICE TO NOT USE NICOTINE... TO BE OF SERVICE TO OTHERS IN THE LOVE JESUS... TO TEACH IN JESUS LOVE TO THE NEXT SUFFERING NICOTINE ADDICT... new ways of THINKING.. I use to be obsessed with getting MY drug nicotine so I could live in a fantasy world in which I was the ONLY one that knew what to do to help ALL PEOPLE... be just like ME and we will get along.... NEVER WORKED FOR ME... I was always fighting...arguing... with EVERY PERSON NOT BEHAVING AS I DEMAND... so I CHOSE TO ESCAPE BY USING NICOTINE... June 3, 2017...I CHOOSE to let ALL people live as they choose and I changed TRYING to take hostages for MY fantasy I LIVE to make friends and LET them LIVE to be themselves with MY CHANGED ATTITUDE...THE ONE COMMON GOAL... to NOT USE NICOTINE for any excuse to play God in other people's lives replaced by Gods grace I CHOOSE NOT TO JUDGE...CONDEMN OR TAKE ANYONES SIN INVENTORY.... ONLY MY OWN. it is written NO ONE IS WITHOUT SIN... Gosh it is wonderful to receive the gift of CHOICE ON JUNE 3, 2017 and TODAY I AM NOT A STONE THROWER.... I AM A LOVER OF SOULS TO HELP... ENCOURAGE...AND HONOR ALL PEOPLE TO GIVE ALL THAT WAS GIVEN FREELY TO ME... the gift of HOPE AND BELIEF... STAYING QUIT TOGETHER IS EACH PERSON CHOICE... LIVE AND LET LIVE in Jesus name amen... hugs.