Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on May 28, 2017

I TRY real hard to come and read the blogs here for HOPE. I TRY to help others by blogging my experience of NICOTINE free. I TRY to join my groups and share a comment to encourage others. I TRY to join the freedom train and submit questions, yet my URL has been deleted so I couldn't join to be included.  I TRY to join ALL conversations to join in sharing. I TRY to remember to keep OPEN MINDED to this NEW UPDATED JIVE PROGRAM.....yet I miss seeing the face of MY RECOVERING FAMILY PICSon MY OLD PAGE..... I miss going to each page and leaving a special graphic note.... SIGH... it seems so separate EACH area to get to has DIFFERENT steps to get there... I TRY to  adjust MY attitude to be grateful that WE still have a site to be together and STAY QUIT TOGETHER NO MATTER WHAT in Jesus name amen... attitude of gratitude.....I TRY to keep coming back to be honest....whydid the cafe conversation closed...that was almost close to an old page gathering .... please take what helps...LET GO OF THE REST....remember please and thank you...I remain POSITIVE by adjusting my attitude...NOT ONE PUFF OVER ADJUSTING TO THIS DIFFERENT JIVE PROGRAM.