This day

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on May 15, 2017

This day I will pray and ask for all suffering nicotine addicts to choose and decide for YOURSELF... do I WANT to quit using NICOTINE. Free will is a GIFT please use it wisely.... these are things SUGGESTED to ME... I took these SUGGESTIONS and only by Gods grace I ain't CHOOSING NICOTINE today cuz it NEVER solved MY fears, insecurities of ANYTHING EVER that I was responsible to deal with .... like ME AND MY LIFE CHOICES, people, places, situations, circumstances, CHANGE!!! This day I live it as IF IT WERE MY LAST and God willing at the END OF THIS DAY when I lay down to sleep I will thank God in Jesus name by the Holy Spirit leading and teaching ME...not one puff over ME THIS DAY.... that MY beloved family on this RECOVERING from nicotine... is Gods miracle in ME! I THANK GOD FOR ALL OF YOU... I THANK ALL OF YOU  FOR YOUR SUGGESTIONS... I TOOK THIS DAY TO STAY QUIT NO MATTER WHAT TOGETHER with ALL MY BELOVED FAMILY HERE!!HOORAY FOR JESUS! AMEN!