Swirling thoughts

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on May 13, 2017

I use to just lets thoughts swirl around in my head ALL day LLOOONNGGGG! Then it was SUGGESTED to ME..... THINK what you are THINKING about..... so I did. When I first STOP using NICOTINE... 50 cigs a day SOME DAYS MORE!!!! Please talking about ME so take what HELPS at the moment and LET GO of the rest thank you. I awake and for ME I ask Jesus to help ME FOCUS ON HIM.... then tons of thoughts TRY to consume MY every daughter dying of alcoholism SLOWLY with cirrhosis of liver and on medicine still CHOOSING VODKA AND USING NICOTINE...I pray dear God please don't let her suffer take her quickly or heal her QUICK in Jesus name amen thoughts of FOOD and I am NOT hungry... I think to STUFF these feelings attached to daughter... mistakes... failures I HAVE MADE as a mother which I cannot CHANGE... thoughts is SELF pity.. quit TRYING... then I pray dear God help ME to get up and HELP LOVE OTHERS JUST LIKE YOU LOVE... so I come here and BLOG BLOG BLOG... to let anyone who has THOUGHTS SWIRLING.... STOP and think what your thinking about... I did and look I thinking about the next suffering nicotine addict to say BLOG BLOG BLOG before you take that first puff over YOU... I admit I am powerless over nicotine and MY thinking is let me go HELP someone to know I am TODAY responsible for my thoughts and feelings to share my insecurities and FACE my CHOICE of thinking... TODAY I CHOOSE TO THINK OF OTHERS ABOVE ME... and blog instead of using NICOTINE in Christ Jesus name amen. Thanks for letting me share NOT ONE PUFF OVER ME!