Old habits of mentality

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on May 7, 2017

I am talking about ME not anyone else so please use what helps at this MOMENT and let go and LET GOD. Amen thank you. How I USE to THINK MENTALITY. I need a cigarette to breathe, live, drive, talk, move, clean, cook, pay bills, read a book, after sex, after exercising, shopping, handle ANY emotions, STAY sober, SKINNY, and ALL AROUND EVERY OTHER PEOPLE PLACE THING SITUATION USE NICOTINE TO NUMB MY BRAIN!!! Now only by Gods grace, MY Jesus and the Holy Spirit of Christ in ME I don't use NICOTINE for anything!!!! NOT ONE PUFF OVER ME. I thank God and I am thanking ALL here at this site for teaching one breath at a time STAY QUIT TOGETHER NO MATTER WHAT by blogging to share, VENT, or just blog the love of attitude gratitude with MY recovering family. Thanks for letting ME share RECOVERY! Love hugs and a kiss on each cheek in Christ Jesus AMEN!