Weight gain NOT ONE PUFF

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Mar 14, 2017

Back to 220lbs and all the comfort from food did ONE THING put weight BACK on that took MONTHS for me to lose working out EVERYDAY. Boo hoo - so I am blogging to report that I didn't use nicotine over the 20lbs I gained over mental n emotionally suffer as my daughter was hospitalized for the 5th time. Cirrhosis of the liver consequences ascites which is basically her body downing its self in water gathering outside the abdomen no where to go but to the right side of her lung which were drained twice 2 pints and prayers answered out of hospital total 20lbs of water REMOVED sucked out of right lung and peed out!!! Rejoicing for her and thanking God I will lose the twenty in time walking and eating veggies and Glorifying Christ cuz I ain't using NICOTINE over my baby grl or weight gain! She is back to work and taking 2 water pills and we cross bridges as they come and she is working on quitting nicotine too. She knows ALL ABOUT THIS SITE CUZ I SHARE IT WITH ALL USING NICOTINE ADDICTS I MEET in Jesus name amen thanks for letting ME VENT!