adapting to NEW CHANGES HERE♥

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Jan 26, 2017

OK this is indin grl and I am ONLY TALKING ABOUT ME♥ I added a banner to MY was the incredible hulks FACE..... I come to the library to use FREE this time I have other debts to I will not be buying PERSONAL computer anytime soon....FYI.... now MY ADAPTING SKILLS ARE ALSO FAIRLY NEW and I will try NOT TO RETURN TO MY BABYISM....aka...pitching a fit cuz things DO NOT STAY THE SAME AT THIS SITE......LIKE BEFORE......I am slowly getting to learn and send badges to my friends and learning to blog and ask a question...and WHATEVER...... I like MY BELOVED BROTHER THOMAS.....I indin grl VERY GRATEFUL I AM NOT A NEW RECOVERING NICOTINE ADDICT TO THIS SITE TOO!!! I get a couple of hours on the library computers and I USED TO BE ABLE TO ALL MY RECOVERING FAMILY LOVE GRAPHICS TO THEIR PERSONAL MESSAGE BOARDS THROUGH MY NOTIFICATION I have to LEARN THE IN AND OUT OF THE NEW CHANGE BEFORE I WILL BE ABLE TO DO THAT AGAIN.....if it is allowed....thanks for LETTING ME SHARE MY NEW EMOTIONS AND OLD EMOTIONS ARE ALL OVER.....I am ok.....I am OK....this too shall pass .....I will be the BEST at ADAPTING TO THIS NEW SITE CHANGE IN JESUS NAME AMEN AND AMEN♥